• Housing Buildings
  • Hospitals, School, Hostels.
  • Offices, Factories, Mills, Workshops
  • Road, Bridges, Air Fields and Air Port Buildings, Railway Stations, High-way Bus
  • Stations. Seaports, Jetties, Containers Depots
  • Markets, Go downs, Ware Houses.
  • Hotels, Motels, Inns, Guest - houses
  • Stations, Towers etc. Of communication
  • Varieties of Stupas, Monuments, Monasteries, Meditation Centres, Damayones and religious buildings
  • Dams, Reservoirs
  • Water/Sanitation and Electrical installation works related to construction
  • engineering
  • Other construction related engineering works


  • Supply of Transmission Lines ( High. Medium & Low Voltage)
  • Substations Equipment
  • Engineering Design & Construction of Substation and Transmission Lines
  • Power Plant Renovation (Boiler, Stream Turbine, Gas Turbine, etc..)
  • Power Plant Spare Parts
  • Substation and Power Station overhaul service
  • Substation with AIS and GIS Switch gears
  • Thermal Power Stations ( Gas Turbines, Stream Turbines and Combine Cycle Power Plants etc.)

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